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SupercathTM 5 represents a new generation of safety I.V. catheters to increase user safety in medical care. Its innovative safety mechanism is specially designed to provide dual protection: firstly, to minimize inadvertent needlesticks and, secondly, to minimize exposure to blood.

The safety mechanism is activated by pushing the activation button which causes the introducer needle to be retracted into a protective chamber. As the needle is safely sealed into the chamber, the risks of needlestick injuries and blood contamination are minimized.

The catheter’s in built check valve assists to stop the blood flow when the introducer needle is withdrawn after the puncture, keeping the operative field clean and, thereby, reducing the risk of blood infection.

Proprietary built-in check valve
  • No digital compression needed
  • Prevention of blood exposure
  • Keeping the operational field clean
Inner needle retraction into safety cover with one button press
  • Minimizing the risk of accidental needle stick
A uniquely-designed, large white press button
  • Allowing fast, clear flashback and easy handling with one hand
One of the the most compact sizes in the safety type needle
  • Easy to hold and easier one-handed insertions

Valve technology

Eliminate pressure hemostasis

Proprietary built-in integral check valve eliminates the need for pressure hemostasis.

In most clinical settings, the integral check valve helps minimize blood leakage from the catheter hub.

Reduce risk of blood infection and keep operative field clean